At HIMO, you can take a taste trip from the Arctic Circle to the versatile flavors of the Asian food alley



Delicious dim sums with house dipping sauce L (8pcs)
Pork 10,00 Shrimp 12,00 Veggie 10,00
Edamame beans with chili L,G 7,00
Crispy vegetable spring rolls L (6 pcs), 8,00


Polarisplatter (12 pcs)
8pcs salmon-avocado uramaki, 2pcs salmon nigiri, 2pcs grilled salmon nigiri 19,00
Wakkanaiplatter (14 pcs)
10pcs salmon-cucumber maki, 2pcs salmon nigiri, 2pcs reindeer nigiri 23,00
Rovaniemiplatter (20 pcs)
8pcs salmon-avocado uramaki, 8pcs spicy reindeer uramaki, 2pcs salmon nigiri, 2pcs grilled salmon nigiri 33,00
Vegetarian Uramaki (8 pcs) 12,00

Main courses

Karaage, Juicy Korean style fried chicken, served with rice L 21,00
Himo´s Wok´s (served with noodles or rice)
Chicken L,(G) 17,00
Pork L 18,00
Tofu L,(G) 16,00
Delicious Thai pork ribs
with roasted peanuts & coriander, served with rice L,(G) 22,00
Pork ribs L,(G)with Asian beer 27,00


Hefty slice of cheesecake with raspberry sauce 8,50
Spruce ice-cream and a splash of Umeshu liqueur (G) 7,00
L=lactose free, G=Gluten free, (G)=Available gluten free